Pitti Hecht's Percussion

DVDs / Videos | Percussion

Publisher: Voggenreiter
Artist: Pitti Hecht
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

Pitti Hecht introduces you to more than 160 percussion instruments, their playing technique and special sound effects you can create with them.

Featured instruments:
Afuche/Cabasa, Agogo Bells, Berimbao, Bongos, Boomwhackers, Cajon, Caxixi, Chimes, Claves, Conga, Cowbells, Wood Blocks, Cuica, Darabouka, Djembe, Vibra Slap, Ching Chok, Monk bell, Cricket, Flexatone, Kokiriko, Rattles, Ocean Drum, Frame drum, Frogs, Guiro, Kalimba, Castagnets, Maracas, Nuts and Seeds, Pandeiro, Rainmaker, Shaker, Shekere, Talking Drum, Tambourine, Timbales, Trash Percussion, Triangle, Udu, Bird Calls.

DVD (ca. 106 minutes), English + German.

ISBN: 9783802408465
Published on: 15 September 2015
Length: 106 minutes
Language: English, German
Catalogue No: VOG846

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          Pitti Hecht's Percussion