Seymour Duncan: Woody Single Coil Acoustic Pickup

| Guitar

Publisher: Seymour Duncan

The Woody Single Coil Acoustic Pickup is a passive, magnetic soundhole pickup that delivers a bright, clear acoustic tone that is great for both energetic strumming, and delicate fingerstyle playing.

The fact that it is a single coil means that you get more chime, and top end brilliance. All of the Woodys are available in custom maple, walnut or black stained housing, and are double potted to keep them resistant to feedback. It mounts instantly into your soundhole, with no modification of any kind needed to the Guitar and can easily be removed at a moments notice. It comes with a 14-foot low capacitance, studio quality cable that will plug directly into your favorite amp, PA, direct box, or console.

This pickup fits all standard soundholes (3.75 (94mm) to 4.0 (100mm). Great for all standard types of steel string acoustic Guitars.

Note: this is a magnetic pickup, and will not work with nylon stringed instruments. Available Colors Maple, Walnut, or Black.

Published on: 30 July 2015
Catalogue No: ROS161150030