Gibson: USA 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Electric Guitar - Metallic Blue Top

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Publisher: Gibson
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This throwback to the ‘70s is a modern reimagining of one of Gibson’s longest-serving Les Pauls, one that respects its lineage whilst forging its own path with a few modern enhancements. As with its predecessors, the 2015 Les Paul Deluxe boasts a set of mini humbuckers - redesigned this year for increased balance - providing a versatile, vintage-inspired and distinctive Les Paul tone. Bolstering the Deluxe’s impressive feature suite is a push/pull coil-split for each pickup, creating a crisp, clear tone with a little less bottom end, providing the Deluxe with an almost Strat-like tone and rounding out an incredibly comprehensive and diverse range of tones. For those guitarists who need to cut through the mix, the Deluxe also presents a graceful solution in its mini-toggle switch, offering a 15DB boost; perfect for elevating solos and riffs all at once. Complimenting all this is the Deluxe’s satisfyingly chunky neck and 9-hole weight relieving, resulting in a Guitar that feels as good to hold as it is to play. The 2015 Les Paul Deluxe is a stunning realization of specs both old and new; enquire now for your opportunity to try this truly awe-inspiring Guitar.

Gibson USA’s entire 2015 collection now comes fitted with the revolutionary G-Force tuning system, granting instant access to a vast number of alternate tunings at the push of a button.

In celebration of what would have been Les Paul’s 100th birthday, Gibson’s 2015 line now features a limited edition authenticity hologram sticker on the back of the headstock and the signature of the man himself on the front, available exclusively throughout 2015.

Features include:

  • USA Made
  • Mahogany Body (9 Hole Weight-Relief) / 2 Piece Maple Top (C Grade Maple)
  • Asymmetrical Rounded C Neck
  • 15 DB Gain Boost Toggle
  • Push/Pull Coil Split
  • Orange Drop Capacitors#
  • Bound One-Piece Rosewood Fingerboard with Buff & Oil Treatment
  • G-Force Tuning System
  • Zero Fret Height Adjustable Brass Nut
  • Gloss Nitrocellulose Finish
  • Mini Humbucker
  • Les Paul’s 100th Birthday Headstock Logo
  • Traditional Screw-In Scratchplate
  • New Deluxe Aluminium Gibson Hardcase

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Catalogue No: LPD15PHNH1