Tanglewood: Crossroads Acoustic Guitar - Dark Sunburst Orchestra Folk

Instruments | Acoustic Guitar

Publisher: Tanglewood
Series: Crossroads
Format: Instruments | Instrument
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The Crossroads series pays homage to the style and sound of classic instruments from 1930's America. Those years were a time of hardship all across the USA with the Great Depression. Some of what are now regarded as the finest and most influential musicians in the world created a rhythmic sound during those years and sang of their troubles, a sound we now think of as the blues.

To create an instrument that evokes these traditional values, so often overlooked in our modern society, Tanglewood had to commission the services of a very special luthier, none other than Michael Sanden, the man behind Tanglewood Masterdesign. Michael is the creator of the Sanden Guitar Company in Sweden, and now the chief design consultant for Tanglewood Guitars.

It's not just the special bracing, or the woods that are selected, or the construction method even. All these are vital components for any Guitar, but on Crossroads Sanden wanted to create something very, very special. He wanted to make a Guitar that could have the sound that any musician, professional or amateur could appreciate. He wanted to make the Guitar look authentic to the 1930's era, adding a wonderful dark tobacco burst stain to the timbers to make the Crossroads Guitars look historic and simply elegant. And he demanded that the neck profiles and bridge contouring and fret inlaying should be implemented without regard to the price of manufacturing, to proudly reflect the Tanglewood ethos of outstanding value and performance.

Published on: 25 September 2015
Catalogue No: TWCRO