Casio: WK7600 76 Note Keyboard - Touch Sensitive With Adaptor

Instruments | Keyboard

Publisher: Roland
Format: Instruments | Instrument
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For anyone who wants to bring their musical ideas to life, the Casio WK7600 Keyboard provides you with the platform to be creative and discover a wide range of musical styles.

Providing a pattern sequencer, rhythm editor, 9 drawbars, song sequencer, DSP effects, tone editor, 32-channel mixer and arpeggiator - the elite WK7600 offers unprecedented opportunities to inspire creativity, and with 820 tones and 260 rhythms, is a real musical behemoth. Add to that 76 dynamic, touch sensitive keys, over 300 music presets, a pitch bend wheel and SD card memory, the WK7600 gives you the chance to take your creativity to new levels.


  • Polyphony (maximum): 64
  • Touch Response: 2 sensitivity levels, off
  • Size (W X D X H): 948 x 384 x 122mm
  • Weight: 6.7kg
  • Digital Effects: 10 Reverbs, 5 Choruses, 100 DSP Presets
  • Metronome: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 beats
  • Key Transpose/Tuning Control: ±1 octave (-12 to +12 semitones)
  • Pitch Bend Wheel: Pitch bend range: 0 to 24 semitones
  • Display (LCD): Yes
  • General MIDI: 16 Channel
  • SD Memory Card Slot: Yes (2GB to 32GB)
  • Headphones: Yes
  • Pedal (Sustain/Damper): Yes
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Amplifier: 7W+ 7W
  • Power (Battery Type/Adapter Type): D x 6/AD-A12150LW

Published on: 12 March 2013
Catalogue No: WK7600