Led Zeppelin: Acoustic Sessions (Book/DVD)

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Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Series: Guitar Sessions
Format: Sheet Music | Songbook

The Guitar Sessions series features songbooks centered around detailed instructional video lessons that teach how to play rock 'n' roll's greatest songs, shown step-by-step by knowledgeable Guitar-slinging hosts who then perform the music in its entirety. With Led Zeppelin: Acoustic Sessions, you'll learn riff by riff how to play all of Jimmy Page's Guitar parts in Led Zeppelin's most classic acoustic songs, including Page's famous alternate tunings and even some of the must-know Mandolin and electric Guitar parts.

In addition to the DVD lessons, this book also includes detailed written lessons and TAB examples that match the DVD; our exclusive TNT 2 software that allows you to practice to sound-alike recordings of every song, alter the mixes, loop sections, and change keys and tempos; play-along MP3s, for practice away from the computer; and full PDF transcriptions of every song in TAB and music notation.

Titles: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You * The Battle of Evermore * Black Mountain Side * Bron-Yr-Aur * Going to California * Hey, Hey What Can I Do * Over the Hills and Far Away * Ramble On * Stairway to Heaven * That's the Way.

ISBN: 9781470614591
Published on: 15 April 2015
Language: English
Catalogue No: ALF42640

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