Joel Rothman: Drummin' In The Rhythm Of Rock - With Linear Patterns

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Author: Joel Rothman
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

Another Drum tutor book from Joel Rothman exploring rhythms with linear patterns. This book is for intermediate to advanced players. The main focus of the book is on linear coordination.

'Over the past several years I've had numerous requests by teachers to write a clear, step­by-step book dealing with the topic of linear drumming. Drummin' In The Rhythm Of Rock' is in answer to those requests. The book is for intermediate to advanced players.

Until now I have shied away from writing a book on linear playing because the topic is a veritable minefield when it comes to the number of possible combinations that can be played between your four limbs. Unlike the standard and simpler basic rock beats, which consist mostly of three or four-way coordination between the cymbal, snare and bass, with the cymbal and snare parts remaining more or less constant, linear playing can have your four limbs each playing different rhythmic patterns at different times. This allows for thousands of possibilities between the cymbal, snare, hi-hat and bass.

So just what is linear drumming? In its purest form it does not allow more than one limb to play at any given time. For example, if you strike the cymbal you can't strike the bass or snare simultaneously. In a very real sense, in order to play linear you have to unlearn what you've learned previously, then substitute a new and different approach to coordinating your four limbs. The main object of this study is not to present you with actual linear beats, but rather to help you develop the type of coordination necessary for playing linear'.

Published on: 02 July 2015
No of pages: 32
Language: English
Catalogue No: JRP87