Jim Dunlop: Fretboard 65 Lemon Oil (118ml)

| Guitar, Bass Guitar

Publisher: Dunlop
The Fretboard 65 Lemon Oil from Dunlop is the guitarist's choice for both removing dirt and grime from the fingerboard as well as keeping it in great condition for a long while afterwards.

Once you've removed the dirt and grime from your fingerboard (the best way is to use a soft toothbrush and a toothpick (neither will damage the wood)), the Lemon Oil will keep dirt away by providing an invisible sealant against stains and moisture. Be careful not to overdo it, just a dab on a soft cloth will be fine for in between each fret, and a careful application once a year is sufficient to keep your fretboard in perfect condition.

Warning: not for use on Maple fretboards. For Rosewood or Ebony, it's great!
Published on: 04 June 2014
Catalogue No: JD6554

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