Dominique Bigi-Dis: The C-E Songs (Children's Voices)

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Publisher: Heugel
Composer: Dominique Bigi-dis
Format: Sheet Music | Songbook

Created by Dominique Bigi-dis, The C-E Songs is a set of twenty nine songs for really young children from two to six years old. Ideal for school use, they refer to important periods happening during the year such as autumn, school, winter, Christmas, summer and they are very easy to sing (with a small range and easy intervals).

The book is also really attractive for children as the tunes are enjoyable and all the pictures are in black and white, to be coloured-in.

The C-E Songs can be used in a really fun way or more professionally, to help the children discover music and music theory (range, nuances, ternary and binary rhythms…)

ISBN: 9790047338327
Language: French
Catalogue No: HE33832