Yves Callier: Regles Du Jeu Musical - Level 1, Year 3

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Publisher: Heugel
Composer: Yves Callier
Format: Books | Theory

Regles Du Jeu Musical - Level 1, Year 3 is a theory method for third year beginners by Yves Callier. Really complete, this theory method covers all the necessary basics and contains also 21 applications which will enable the young musician to learn and remember the basics quickly.

This third volume follows the lessons of the second one and features the different keys (major & minor), related scales, double-flats and double sharps and intervals, among other basics.

Comments and explanations are given throughout the book and at the bottom of each application to remind readers what the music rules are.

ISBN: 9790047337740
Language: French
Catalogue No: HE33774

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