Isabelle Aboulker/Christian Eymery: Douce Et Barbe Bleue

Books | Choral, Voice, Piano Accompaniment

Publisher: Notissimo

Known for her Operas and Vocal works, contemporary composer, Isabelle Aboulker has won numerous prizes for her compositions. Her collaboration with Opera libretto writer, Christian Eymery led to the exciting Douce Et Barbe Bleue for soloists, children's choir and Piano.

Aboulker has done a significant amount of work with children and as a result, she has specially composed pieces to which they can relate. This is true of Douce Et Barbe Bleue, which includes a children's choir. Made up of 14 movements, this is an Oratorio, depicting a fairytale-like story. As an exciting, alternative collection in the Vocal repertoire, Aboulker's Douce Et Barbe Bleue is an exquisite addition to any children's choir repertoire.

Language: French
Catalogue No: NT21130C

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    Isabelle Aboulker/Christian Eymery: Douce Et Barbe Bleue
    Choral, Voice, Piano Accompaniment