Isabelle Aboulker: Si J'Étais Grand (Children Voices/Baritone)

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Publisher: Notissimo
Composer: Isabelle Aboulker

Si J'Étais Grand is a song for Children and Baritone voices, composed by Isabelle Aboulker, with lyrics by Eva Janikovszky. It is only a part of the full piece, which is to be sung with a Flute, an Oboe, a Clarinet, a Bassoon and a Piano. Really easy, with range and intervals adapted to children’s capacities, this song is very entertaining in term of lyrics and sonority.

The lyrics focuses on what children are always asked to do which is not fun, such as washing hands before dinner, being always nice and quiet, staying seated among other things, while adults can do whatever they want to do. Children then sing what they would do if they were grown-ups.

Quite energetic, this song is great for children and would be great for a concert.

Isabelle Aboulker is a French composer specially known for her opera, her vocal works, and for her adaptations of stories and fables.

ISBN: 9790231615449
Language: French
Catalogue No: NT13311E

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