Doina Rotaru: Légende (Flute/Resonator)

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Publisher: Notissimo
Composer: Doïna Rotaru

Romanian composer, Doina Rotaru (b. 1951) is best known for her orchestral and chamber works. Rotaru studied at the Bucharest Conservatoire and has won many prizes for her compositions. Légende is no exception to her success.

Currently, Rotaru is professor at the Music Academy in Bucharest and a prominent composer, with her works being performed all over the world. Légende for Flute and Resonator is a highly modern work, as indicated by its instrumentation. The Flute solo line includes extended techniques, such as variations in use of vibrato, voice and notes played simultaneously, harmonics, pulsations and ornamentations, amongst other aspects. For all advanced flautists seeking modern, alternative repertoire, Rotaru's Légende provides an exciting work for both performers and audiences alike.

ISBN: 9790560383491
Language: English, French
Catalogue No: NT10131Z

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