Charles Koechlin: Précis Des Règles Du Contrepoint

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Publisher: Heugel
Composer: Charles Koechlin

Précis Des Règles Du Contrepoint is a book written by Charles Koechlin in five chapters. Focusing on the counterpoint, this volume highlights all the rules related to it. It features both lessons and examples with comments, to help with understanding.

The chapters are:

I. Définition et Règles générales / Definition and general rules

II. Contrepoint à deux parties / Counterpoint in two parts

III. Contrepoint à trois parties / Counterpoint in three parts

IV. Contrepoint à quatre parties / Counterpoint in four parts

V. Appendice / Appendix – focus on Gregorian songs and tunes

This theory book is definitely one of the most useful ones for any composition that includes counterpoints or for any composer who would like to use them in future works.

Charles Koechlin (1867-1950) was a French composer, professor and writer. He composed numerous symphonies and symphonic poems, some instrument and orchestra, orchestral and chamber works as well as some songs.

ISBN: 9790047293220
Language: French
Catalogue No: HE29322

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