Jean-Paul Holstein/Pierre-Yves Level/Alain Louvier: Musiques À Chanter Pour Les Classes De Formation Musicale (Volume 1)

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Publisher: Alphonse Leduc

Jean-Paul Holstein, Pierre-Yves Level and Alain Louvier compile an exciting series to aid vocalists in their understanding of compositions from Plainchant to the present day. Volume one gives focus to the era from Plainchant to Johann Sebastian Bach.

This first volume within Musiques À Chanter Pour Les Classes De Formation Musicale is suitable for beginner vocalists, with a preface given by Olivier Messiaen. This first volume includes works by Bach, Couperin, Handel, Gluck, Lully and Montverdi, among other famous composers. For all vocalists seeking to better understand the history and context of the music they address, Holstein, Level and Louvier's Musiques À Chanter Pour Les Classes De Formation Musicale ensures a necessary understanding.

ISBN: 9790046260629
Language: French
Catalogue No: AL26062