Jean-Pierre Couleau: L'Heure De Formation Musicale - Guide Pédagogique

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Publisher: Alphonse Leduc

L'Heure De Formation Musicale - Guide Pédagogique is the Professor volume of a theory method by Jean-Pierre Couleau. Written in 20 chapters, this volume for the beginners’ teacher presents each chapter with a theory lesson, some note and rhythm reading, some singing and some hearing to develop the musical ear. It covers the staves, the modes, the nuances and the alterations among other subjects.

This book is a great support method for professors and is completed by the volumes for the beginner musicians, with a book and a theory book.

Jean-Pierre Couleau is a French musician born in 1948. Most of his work is dedicated to music pedagogy.

ISBN: 9790046263439
Language: French
Catalogue No: AL26343

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