Pierre Rode: 7th Concerto - 1st Solo

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Catalogue No: AL18427
Composer: Pierre Rode

Part of the collection “Concertos Classiques”, 7th Concerto – 1st Solo is a piece for Violin and Piano by Pierre Rode with an arrangement by Georges Catherine. Relatively difficult, it features the score and the Violin part.

Really melodious, it includes numerous trills, harmonies, accidentals, acciaturas and some indications of the positions and techniques to use. The breathings are also indicated.

It is a really nice work to play in recitals and can also be used for contests.

Pierre Rode (1774-1830) was a French violinist and musician who composed numerous romantic concertos for Violin and Piano. He was the Violin soloist to Napoleon and was dedicated a Violin Sonata (Op.96) by Beethoven.

ISBN: 9790046184277
Language: French
Publisher: Alphonse Leduc

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      Pierre Rode: 7th Concerto - 1st Solo
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