Jean-Claude Risset: Reprises For Alto Saxophone And Electroacoustic Device (Book/CD)

Books and CDs | Alto Saxophone, Electronics

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Composer: Jean-Claude Risset
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album

Born in 1938, French composer Jean-Claude Risset is best known for his pioneering contributions to electronic music. Composed in 2003, Reprises Alto Saxophone and Electroacoustic Device is no exception to the composer's prolific contributions to the genre.

Risset has experimented with a variety of software to recreate and produce sounds and synthesis techniques. Composed for Conservatoire students, a typical performance of Reprises lasts around 3 and a half minutes. The Saxophone demonstrates use of chromaticism, extended techniques and complex rhythms, amongst other features, whilst accompanied by an electronic part, helpfully recorded on a CD. For all advanced saxophonists, aspiring to play a range of repertoire, Risset's Reprises is essential.

ISBN: 9790046303951
Language: English, French
Catalogue No: AL30395