Serge Lancen: Si J'Étais...

Books | Bassoon, Cello, Viola

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Composer: Serge Lancen

French pianist and composer, Serge Lancen (1922-2005) studied at the Paris Conservatoire where he won many prizes. Si J'Étais... for Cello, Viola or Bassoon and Piano contributes to a significant catalogue of compositions by the composer.

Si J'Étais... is a series of compositions by Lancen in which each piece depicts the style of a different great composer. Numbers 4, 5 and 6 are influenced by Couperin, Verdi and Albeniz. Adaptable to Cello, Viola or Bassoon, these Lancen pieces are exciting and informative, ranging across a variety of musical styles. Si J'Étais... is suitable for intermediate instrumentalists.

ISBN: 9790046287848
Language: English, French, German
Catalogue No: AL28784

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      Serge Lancen: Si J'Étais...
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