Joseph Alexander: The Complete Guide To Playing Blues Guitar Compilation

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Publisher: Fundamental Changes
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar is a three-part series that teaches you all the essential skills required to become an excellent blues guitarist.

This edition contains all three books in this series. With over 245 jam-packed pages and 400 notated audio examples, this is the most comprehensive guide to playing blues Guitar ever released.

Book One – Rhythm Guitar focuses on the topic of rhythm guitar playing beginning with the basic structure of the 12 bar blues before explaining how to use open string riffs, dominant 7 chords, and many other essential topics such as Chord Extensions, Approach Chords, Turnarounds, Rhythmic Placement, Melodic Fills and other important concepts.

Book Two – Melodic Phrasing examines the most important aspects of blues guitar soloing; Rhythm, Phrasing and Placement. In this book you learn to use fundamental rhythmic fragments to create and drive your solo forward. By focusing on rhythm and phrasing, melodies will take care of themselves. Never worry about forgetting licks again.

Book Three – Beyond Pentatonics teaches you how to break away from the minor pentatonic soloing trap that many blues guitarists quickly fall into. It shows you how to target the most powerful notes from each chord in the blues progression to create the greatest emotional effect. Book Three also looks in great detail at the many possible scale choices for each of the chords in the blues with plenty of licks to show you how they’re applied musically.

ISBN: 9781910403051
Published on: 09 April 2015
No of pages: 252
Language: English
Catalogue No: 9781910403051