Dean Markley: Nickelsteel Signature Electric Guitar Strings - Light (.009-.042)

| Electric Guitar

Publisher: Korg
The world-renowned cornerstone of many Guitarist's setup, Dean Markley's Nickelsteel Signature Electric Guitar Strings are used and loved by thousands of amateur and professional guitarists everywhere, known for their long-lasting beautiful tone. These are light gauge strings.

These nickel-plated strings have been hand-wound over a hex core, ensuring that the outer wrap maintains total contact with this core. The string, therefore vibrates completely for maximum sustain, guaranteeing a warm, rich and full sound that's distinctive and unique. 

The gauges are:

E - .042
A - .032
D -  .024
G - .016
B - .011
e - .009
Published on: 23 January 2015
Language: English
Catalogue No: DM2502LT