Dean Markley: Helix Electric Guitar Strings - Regular (.010-.046)

| Electric Guitar

Publisher: Korg UK Ltd
Dean Markley's Helix Electric Guitar Strings have been ingeniously designed with an elliptical winding process that gives you a warmer tone with increased resonance, while being smoothly playable. The process ensures more wraps across the string's length, giving you more sustain and a longer life. These are regular gauge strings.

Constructed from 8% nickel-plated steel, these strings will give you a startlingly fresh and invigorated tone, while being eminently playable. 

The gauges are:

E - .046
A - .036
D - .026
G - .017
B - .013
e - .010
Published on: 23 January 2015
Language: English
Catalogue No: DM2513REG