Bruno Dinomi: I Primi Grooves Di Batteria

Books and CDs | Drums

Publisher: Play Music France
Author: Bruno Dinomi
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
I Primi Grooves Di Batteria is intended for beginner drummers who will be able to play the fun Drum grooves and breaks immediately. Since these will be your first Drum grooves, the idea is not to impress anyone, but rather to learn to play simple pieces perfectly in time.

The breaks and grooves are included in a progressive difficulty, so that you gradually learn to play different rhythmic figures, from fourth to sixteenth beats through to the eighth and the triplet. Following such a logical order as this, you will make genuine progress on playing the Drums.

For each of the 40 pieces proposed, there are 5 different recordings on the accompanying CD. These recordings feature the Drums on their own, normal speed and slower speed, the Drums playing the music solo, then finally the full music track at normal speed and slowed down. This will allow everyone to learn and play at their own pace which corresponds to their level of ability. 
Published on: 19 February 2015
No of pages: 52
Language: Italian
Catalogue No: MI0326

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