Harmonica Playing Guide

| Harmonica

Publisher: Chester Music
Series: Fingering Chart
This Harmonica Playing Guide contains a wealth of essential information for playing the Harmonica, packed into a convenient and practical folding chart format. With note names for blowing and drawing at each hole, a short note on bending and selected scales and modes for the Diatonic Harmonica.

The main section of the Harmonica Playing Guide features a large table showing which notes correspond to which hole for Harmonicas in all keys, as well as a guide to which notes will play when you blow and draw on a Harmonica tuned to C. A diagram of the same nature is shown that can be used to figure out the notes that can be achieved by bending, an important technique that is used in all styles of music with great effect.

The rest of the Harmonica Playing Guide shows the standard positions for C Harmonica, including the Ionian, Mixolydian, Dorian and Aeolian modes, as well as three pentatonic scales and two blues scales. All of these sections are essential references for playing the Harmonica in any style or genre. Keeping this either on your wall or with you at all times will mean if you're ever stuck and you need some quick and convenient guidance, just take a look at the Guide.

The Harmonica Playing Guide gives you all the stripped back and fundamental information in a clear and concise manner. It's easy to read from and accurate, ensuring you'll never be stuck for a certain note again.
ISBN: 9781783059607
Published on: 15 March 2015
Language: English
Catalogue No: CH83589

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