Jim Dunlop: Clyde McCoy Cry Baby Signature Wah

Publisher: Westside
The Clyde McCoy Cry Baby is a modern tribute to the original, first and best wah wah ever made. With its modern take on the throaty voice and expressive sweep of the original, giving players consistency, convenience and practicality.

The heirs to the wah wah heritage and true guardians of its legacy, Dunlop have drawn from true decades of experience and design to make sure that this Clyde McCoy Signature Cry Baby replicates the original tone and voice of that legendary 1967 wah. The original tools and machinery that were used to design the first Vox Clyde McCoy pedals were acquired by Dunlop from the Thomas Organ Company and Jen Electronica. Without investing thousands on an original Clyde McCoy wah, this is the closest reproduction available today. 

With its highly distinctive throaty sweep, intended to replicate McCoy's Trumpet mute, the Thomas Organ Company used a component called a Halo inductor, to give it that startling vocal richness. The Dunlop engineers thus created their own version of this inductor, to remove the unwanted microphone noise that came with the original. This modern updating of vintage sounds is what makes the Clyde McCoy Cry Baby such a useful and fantastically versatile tool. 

The rest of the circuitry is faithful to the original, allowing you to take that vintage and original Clyde McCoy sound out on the road without fear of losing a piece of history.
Published on: 06 November 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: JDCM95