Griffin GuitarConnect Cable

| Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard

Publisher: Griffin Technology
With the Griffin GuitarConnect Cable, you can connect your Guitar, Bass or Keyboard up to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and launch yourself into the most portable and convenient studio you've ever seen.

The GuitarConnect Cable plugs straight in to your iOS device and turns it into a Guitar rig, practice room or portable studio. You'll then be able to open GarageBand or any other instrument effect app. You'll be able to access a virtual pedal board, a digital tuner, metronome as well as a play-along player that lets you play the Guitar part to many of your favourite songs, to nail those parts exactly as they were played on the record.

No more do you need to carry around that huge, expensive valve amp, you don't need to keep those neighbours up any more with your late-night bursts of creativity, you can just make the music that you've always wanted to... except now it's even easier!

You can plug your headphones in for absolutely silent practice, or tuck your iPhone into your pocket for truly handsfree rocking. With its standard 3.5mm jack, you can either do this or plug in an AUX cable so that you can play into your amp or home stereo as well.

Gold connectors ensure that the GuitarConnect Cable has superior conductivity as well as being housed in a braided exterior, making it durable enough to stand up to its own portability!

Published on: 01 October 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: GC35874

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    Griffin GuitarConnect Cable
    Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard