Fender: Universal "A"-Frame Electric Stand (Black)

| Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar

Publisher: Fender
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.
This Universal "A"-Frame Stand can be used for electric Guitars and Basses of all types. The first of its kind, it is designed to hold offset instruments like the Jazz Bass and Jazzmaster Guitar, as well as more extreme shapes like the Jackson Rhoads and Kelly models.

Whatever kind of Guitar you have, it's always such a pain to find a Guitar stand that will fit all of those delicious contours. Now, with the Fender Universal "A"-Frame Stand, you can be sure that the unique and precision-engineered design of this stand will 'stand' up to whatever style of Guitar you throw at it (or rather, place on it!)

With a height-adjustable padded body rest, this Stand won't damage your beloved instrument, while the dual adjustable yokes and adjustable retainer arm allows you to keep your instrument securely in place. 
Published on: 05 June 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: FND0991819000

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      Fender: Universal "A"-Frame Electric Stand (Black)
      Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar