D'Addario: EXL165-6 Nickel Wound 6-String Bass Guitar Strings - Long Scale (.032-.135)

| Guitar

Publisher: D'addario
The D'Addario EXL165-6 is the 6-string version of the most popular D'Addario hybrid bass set, combining the high strings of the EXL160 and a low B string. Perfect for players of 6-string Basses who require comfort and a booming low end. Fits long-scale Basses of up to 36 1/4 inches.

D'Addario Nickel Wound Electric Bass Strings are renowned across the world as the most popular strings among players of all genres and styles. All XL strings are wound on digitally-controlled machines, making sure each string is perfectly intoned with clear fundamentals and totally consistent. 

The string gauges for this set are:

B - .135
E - .105
A - .085
D - .065
G - .045
C - .032
Published on: 15 November 2005
Language: English
Catalogue No: ASMEXL1656