AirTurn: Digit - Wireless Controller

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Catalogue No: BT105DIGIT
The AirTurn Digit takes typical foot-pedal control and places it right in your fingertips. The silent and tactile buttons allow you to control a number of functions, from turning pages to presentation slides, to media player control for programs like iTunes.

For hands-free pedal control, the AirTurn Digit comes with two 3.5mm stereo outputs that can connect to your pedals and switches so that you can configure the Wireless Controller to work with foot pedals to control your various apps and programs. 

With six silent membrane buttons, a power switch, a status indicator light, 5 keyboard profiles and an internal rechargeable battery, this little gadget may be small, but the amount that it can do will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. The battery life can be expected to last for up to 100 hours on standby, whilst the AirTurn Digit features automatic Bluetooth pairing with tablets and computers for fast and easy page turns. 

The AirTurn Digit is compatible with a growing number of iOS and Android apps, as well as all of your commonly-used computer programs like Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, Powerpoint and iTunes - letting you play/pause, navigate tracks and control the volume. 

You can use the AirTurn Digit with a number of foot pedals and switches, such as the BOSS FS-5U and the BOSS FS-6 Dual Footswitch.
Published on: 31 December 2014
Language: English
Publisher: AirTurn

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