Rotosound: Rotobass 5-String Bass String Set (040 - 125)

| Bass Guitar

Publisher: Rotosound
These popular nickel on steel Rotobass strings from Rotosound offer the best possible quality with the simplest and most efficient design. This means that you save money with no loss in exceptional string sound.

The sound and tone, as well as the balance and feel of these strings are everything you'd expect from Rotosound's acclaimed sound engineering. 

Each and every string has been developed under 'state of the art' conditions, in which computer controlled winding machines create the most perfect strings that you could want to use.

The string sizes are:

B - 125
E - 100
A - 80
D - 60
G - 40
Published on: 25 October 2005
Catalogue No: ROTRB405