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The Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum kit continues a long legacy of the world's most famous electronic drums. With an authenticity, durability and sound that is unmatched by any other, each electronic kit by Roland is one of the best.

If you want to enjoy the drums at home without a loud and expansive acoustic set, the TD-1K is the set for you. With its compact design that saves space, the headphone jack and its beater-less kick pedal to save the ears of your neighbours, it's the perfect kit for keeping at home. However, the sounds are as professional as they come, with a huge variety of expressive kit sounds available that will make you wonder why you ever had an acoustic kit. 

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With the variety that electronics have to offer, you can play in any style of music you want, with no restrictions unlike with an acoustic kit. Whether it's rock, blues, jazz or dance music, there's a kit for you.

There are certain techniques that would, at first glance, seem limited to acoustic drums, things like variations in expression, cymbal chokes and hi hat nuances. However, you can achieve all of these to perfection with the TD-1K, it's engineered to cope with all of the same essential drum techniques that are so standard on acoustic drums.

As you progress on the drums, the potential for upgrading this kit is almost limitless. You might want to add an extra cymbal, or a more advanced kick pedal. Or you could limit the noise with the Noise Eater or add a personal drum monitor, the possibilities are endless.

With a clear layout, the control panel lets you start rocking out rhythms straight away. Not only this, you can record on your computer using a standard USB cable. The built-in MIDI interface lets you use it with audio software with nothing extra required. 

For a fantastic electronic kit that sounds amazing and feels great, you can't do much better than the Roland TD-1K, a kit whose versatility rivals any acoustic kit in the same price range.
Published on: 01 September 2014
Catalogue No: TD1K

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