Barry Finnerty: The Serious Jazz Practice Book And CD

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Publisher: Sher Music
Author: Barry Finnerty
Series: Serious Jazz
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
Barry Finnerty's acclaimed Serious Jazz Practice Book provides a unique and comprehensive outline of how to go about learning the essential rudiments of being a serious jazz musician such as scales, chords and intervals.

Every musician has to learn scales, chords, intervals and melodic patterns in depth and detail, no matter how much drudgery it may seem. The question is, how to do this most effectively and efficiently. Barry Finnerty has put together this plan for mastering these fundamental aspects of being a musician on any instrument. 

Taking all of the diatonic, pentatonic, chromatic, whole-tone and diminished scales, Finnerty gives you useful and practical step-by-step exercises that help you to dissect them into actual useable patterns that will let you sound great and understand why you sound great. A similar method is taken with all chord types and intervals inherent in each scale, so this really does provide a well-rounded approach to learning the essentials of jazz theory.

A great many of the exercises are embellished with chromatic notes that will instantly give you that jazz sound and flavour, helping you to get immediate results and start thinking about more jazz-like styles in your playing. The unique accompanying CD sees Finnerty demonstrating how to use the exercises in order to create fantastic solos. A comprehensive and authoritative method book and CD, the Serious Jazz Practice Book will enable you to not just play jazz better, but actually understand what's going on, as this is surely the most essential part of playing music.
ISBN: 9781883217426
Published on: 02 March 2007
No of pages: 162
Language: English
Catalogue No: JAZIT142C

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