Vic Firth: American Classic 5AN Nylon-Tipped Drum Sticks

Publisher: Korg
The Vic Firth American Classic Nylon-Tipped Drumsticks have a teardrop tip for lovely and bright cymbal sounds, while they're also light and fast, making them great all-round sticks, but particularly good for jazz or orchestral work.

The Nylon-Tipped versions of the American Classic series combines the strength of the hickory wood stick with the incredible durability of the nylon tips. For the longest-lasting sticks that also give the best and brightest cymbal response, these are the answer. With the new 'tip-locking' process, the tips are guaranteed not to fly off or chip mid-performance. With a 16 inch length and a 0.565 inch diameter, these are fantastically versatile sticks that are leading the nylon-tipped revolution!
Published on: 14 November 2012
Language: English
Catalogue No: VFX5AN