Vic Firth: American Classic Metal Drum Sticks

Publisher: Korg
The American Classic Metal Drum Sticks by tried and trusted stick makers Vic Firth are oval-tipped and offer an enhanced reach and superior power, making them best-suited for more extreme playing.

All Vic Firth American Classic Drum Sticks are made from hickory wood, which is dense while still allow some flexibility for a more pronounced and precise sound. The durability of hickory is also one of its best features, ensuring these sticks will last you a fair while. Combining the classic construction and shape of this series with a 17 inch length and a 0.635 inch diameter, the American Classic Metal Drum Sticks give exceptional performance for those who like to beat the drums slightly harder!
Published on: 14 November 2012
Language: English
Catalogue No: VFCM