Novation Launch Control XL

Publisher: Focusrite/Novation
The Novation Launch Control XL is the ultimate controller for the Ableton Live digital audio workstation. If you want more intuitive control over your Ableton projects, and want to focus more on the music itself, the Launch Control is an essential bit of kit.

Featuring 16 buttons, 24 knobs and eight faders, the entire Launch Control is completely optimised for Ableton Live, allowing you to control all the essential facets straight out of the box. You'll get total hands-on control of Ableton's session view, mixers, effects and instruments, allowing you to get the perfect sound straight away. You are also able to assign different controls to Ableton's functions, so that you can control what you want, when you want. 

The seamless integration with Ableton Live allows an incredibly efficient workflow, with the multicoloured LEDs and knobs allow you to distinguish quickly between what your Launch Control is actually controlling. The portability of this bit of kit is also admirable. It's tough, slim and designed for live performance, you can carry it around in your bag with ease. Powered by USB, there's also no need to carry around a power supply. You can simply plug in to your PC or Mac and simply start performing. 

For a seamless and intuitive solution to efficiently working with Ableton Live, the Novation Launch Control XL contains everything you could want in one sleek and convenient package. Don't just take our word for it, check out the performance below and see how the Launch Control can dramatically increase your workflow:

Technical Specifications:

Product Hardware Specifications:

  • Knobs: 24 rotary pots
  • Faders: Eight 60mm Faders
  • 24 assignable buttons2 template switch buttons
  • 26 LEDs in the buttons and 24 LEDs under the knobs
  • Kensington security slot
Product Compatibility:
  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7iOS 7, 6 USB-MIDI class compliant
  • Live 9.1.3 or later required (As with all new products with Ableton Live support, Ableton provide support only for the latest version of the latest generation of Live)
Product Dimensions:
  • 239mm width x 239mm depth x 22mm height (39mm inc knobs)
Product Power Requirements:
  • Launch Control is powered via USB bus power
Published on: 17 July 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: NOVLPD06

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