Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB Audio Interface

Publisher: Focusrite/Novation
The Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 is a 6 in / 6 out audio interface that connects to your PC, Mac or iPad via USB 2.0. It has two award winning Focusrite microphone preamplifiers, which deliver superb quality recordings from microphones and instruments, straight into your computer or iPad.

The Focusrite philosophy is that sound is everything, and with the Scarlett 6i6, you know you'll be getting the perfect sounding recording. Perfect for producers and bands, the preamps and stereo line input makes the 6i6 absolutely ideal for recording vocals, Guitar and a Piano, sometimes all at the same time! With the four balanced outputs, you can connect to two sets of monitors as well as digital sources. The two built-in headphone outputs allow you to listen to mixes to ensure you get the best take. 

The Scarlett 6i6 is encased within a solid and durable aluminium box, protecting the precious components inside. A large main monitor control knob coupled with two dedicated gain knobs that control each mic input ensure you get the precise control over your sound that you need. 

With an interface such as the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, that works straight out of the box with Mac, PC and iPad, you'll be able to get exactly the right sounds you need, with no fuss. Not only this, the software that comes bundled with the interface means you can record and playback audio in a totally unique way.
Published on: 20 June 2013
Catalogue No: MOSC0007