Gibson Memory Cable

Publisher: Focusrite/Novation
The Gibson Memory Cable ensures that you will never lose an idea again. It's a great-quality instrument cable, a pre-amp and a recorder that can hold up to 13 hours of your playing all in one.

It's a common problem for musicians when you come up with a brilliant bit of inspiration off-hand during a practice session and you completely forget what it was. It could be a sweet solo lick or a rocking riff, but as soon as you've played it it's lost to the ether. This will be a problem no more with the revolutionary Gibson Memory Cable. Just plug in and the super-compact recorder will do the hard work. It records in CD-quality so if you love an idea and you want to upload it, it'll do the trick! Up to 13 hours of audio can be stored on the 4GB micro-SD card, which comes included with the Cable.

The Gibson Memory Cable looks just like an ordinary Guitar cable, but it's actually insurance for your inspiration, or a catcher of creativity. You use it just like a normal cable, but it will record everything you play, without the need for a more expensive computer or recorder. You can record rehearsal sessions, record your practising for study or just use it in case your computer-recording fails you. 

With the Gibson Memory Cable you will never forget a brilliant idea. When your own memory fails you, remember to rely on the Memory Cable.
Published on: 28 July 2014
Catalogue No: GCR05

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