Planet Waves Chrome-Plated Brass Slide (Medium)

Publisher: D'addario
The Planet Waves range of Chrome-Plated Brass Slides provides a beautifully bright tone with one of the best sustains in the business. This one is Medium so is best for an average-sized finger that's not too thick or thin.

If you are looking for that classic Guitar slide tone and feel, look no further. These slides are made out of brass, but plated with chrome, which is then polished to a mirror-like shine, giving you a clear and vibrant tone while also gliding across your strings like a dream. This Chrome Guitar Slide is perfect for either an acoustic or electric Guitar, so if you want that traditional folk-blues sound or a screaming rock solo, this slide has it covered. 

This Guitar Slide is also available in large size.
Published on: 07 October 2014
Catalogue No: PWCBSSM