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Publisher: pBone
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The world's first Plastic Trombone, the pBone is a fully-functional, amazing sounding Trombone that also happens to be supremely portable and accessible for musicians of all ages and abilities.

Designed by brass players for brass players, the pBone is an astonishing feat of design and engineering. This instrument looks funky, sounds great (it's pitched in B flat) and weighs next to nothing at less than half a typical brass Trombone. It's ideal for a young beginner or a seasoned professional, and it's already revolutionising the Trombone world.

Hard as it may be to believe, the pBone is a fully-functional instrument, with a specially-designed mouthpiece, a uniquely-designed water key and some technologically advanced composite slide tubes that only get better with time and also feature a practical locking mechanism. 

Because of its construction, the Plastic Trombone is incredibly durable and sturdy. This means that the instrument is safe in the hands of the most inexperienced beginner as well as travelling with a professional. This durability also makes it perfect for use in schools. Children have long been excluded from exploring brass instruments because of their relative expense, but now they will be able to fall in love with these distinctive instruments without any fear of bumps or dents.

The pBone has already had a pronounced effect on music education, and this is sure to continue. Not only this, but experienced Trombone players have been spotted with them in places they wouldn't dare take their expensive brass version. In terms of versatility, accessibility and playability, the pBone represents persuasive value for money, but the real icing on the cake is the amazing sound quality that comes out of this innovative instrument.

Published on: 21 August 2014
Catalogue No: PBONE1OR

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