Theory Gymnastics: Accelerando 1 Teachers Guide (Revised)


Publisher: Kjos Music Company
Format: Books | Theory

With the Theory Gymnastics: Accelerando 1 Teachers Guide you can teach this creative and comprehensive theory and ear-training curriculum as effectively as possible, when used in conjunction with the Accelerando 1 student workbook.

Accelerando 1 covers levels A and B of the Theory Gymnastics curriculum at an accelerated pace, and is perfect for teachers of teenagers and adults to introduce many key theoretical concepts and ear-training. This edition covers much of the same material as Animato and Spirito, but involves more age-appropriate activities and teaching methods. The Theory Gymnastics series has garnered acclaim throughout the world as an imaginative way to introduce students to theory, and with the Teachers Guide you will be able to teach using such a well-structured and innovative method. There are a number of features of this book, including answer keys to the student workbook activities and reproducible testing resources, which make your student’s progress and development easy to track. With fun and entertaining puzzles and activities, Accelerando 1 will make learning and teaching music theory engaging and exciting.

If you are thinking about teaching music theory and ear-training at this level, don’t hesitate to pick up the Accelerando 1 Teachers Guide, and let it help you to make teaching the mists of music theory a breeze. Don't forget that you can access free audio recordings of the ear-training units by visiting the Kjos Music Company website.

ISBN: 0978849763830
Published on: 02 October 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: KJTW201T1