Theory Gymnastics: Spirito Teacher Guide (Revised)


Publisher: Kjos Music Company
Format: Books | Theory

The Theory Gymnastics: Spirito Teacher Guide is the essential companion for the teacher of theory and ear-training using the Spirito student workbook. Featuring all the necessary information for the teacher, this guide will help you to teach the Theory Gymnastics curriculum more efficiently and effectively.

Spirito is the level B resource for students aged around 8 to 11, and is the slightly more advanced progression from the Animato workbook. The level of theory here involves all major and minor five-finger patterns, chords, elementary rhythms and beginning musical terms. The content is similar to the Energico workbook, but Spirito is more targeted towards an older beginner, with specific activities and puzzles that will engage a student approaching teenage years. This Teacher Guide contains all you will need to teach these concepts alongside the student workbook, such as an answer key, notated listening examples and reproducible theory and ear-training testing resources. The creative and imaginative student workbook makes learning more entertaining, while this well-organised and comprehensive Teacher Guide makes teaching what is ordinarily a difficult subject, simple and easy.

So pick up this Teacher Guide today for the best in flexible, engaging and varied approaches to teaching students theory and ear-training. To help you get the most out of the book, you can access free audio recordings for the ear-training units at the Kjos Music Company website.

ISBN: 0978849763786
Published on: 02 October 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: KJTW201B2