Theory Gymnastics: Energico Teachers Guide (Revised)


Publisher: Kjos Music Company
Format: Books | Theory

The Theory Gymnastics Energico Teachers Guide is the comprehensive companion to the Energico student workbook and is the best way to ensure your teaching is as effective and consistent as possible.

The Theory Gymnastics series is an entertaining and fun method of teaching theory and ear-training to musicians of all levels, with this Energico edition aimed at level B, which is a slightly more advanced progression from the previous Brillante book, yet still targeted at the young beginner aged 5-7. The student version of this book includes all the major and minor five-finger patterns, as well as elementary rhythms and beginning musical terms, all in an entertaining and easily-digestible package. This Teachers Guide contains all you need to efficiently guide your students along the path to becoming a functional musician, including the answer key for the student workbook as well as notated listening examples. This series of theory books has received acclaim from all over the world, and the teacher’s guides are easy to follow and well-organised, helping you to make learning music theory and ear-training a breeze.

With the Energico Teachers Guide you can enhance your student’s learning of theory and ear-training with a number of fun and enticing activities that will introduce and reinforce a number of musical concepts. As an added bonus, you can access free ear-training audio recordings at the Kjos Music Company website.

ISBN: 0978849763779
Published on: 02 October 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: KJTW201B1