Theory Gymnastics: Animato Teacher Guide (Revised)


Publisher: Kjos Music Company
Format: Books | Theory

The Animato Teacher Guide is the companion resource for the teacher who is using the inventive Animato student workbook as a way to introduce theory and ear-training.

This Teacher Guide contains all the information that you need to effectively teach, test and check the progress of your music student aged 8-11. With notated listening examples, tools to help students study and learn, and the answers to the fun student workbook puzzles, the Animato Teacher Guide is the perfect introduction to music theory for a young student. The Theory Gymnastics series has been renowned throughout the world for combining imaginative activities with a focus on consistent, long-term retention. With this guide, you will be well-placed to teach the Animato level of the Theory Gymnastics curriculum, such as all the notes on the grand staff; the C, G and F major five finger patterns; as well as an introduction to Mozart.

With the Animato Teacher Guide, both you and your students will benefit from the creative and comprehensive theory and ear-training method, and you will be able to teach what is normally a dull subject with effectiveness and ease. To further aid your teaching, free audio recordings for the ear-training units are available on the Kjos Music Company website.

ISBN: 0978849763762
Published on: 02 October 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: KJTW201A2