Theory Gymnastics: Brillante Teacher Guide (Revised)


Publisher: Kjos Music Company
Format: Books | Theory

Theory Gymnastics: Brillante Teacher Guide is the perfect companion for any teacher who uses the Brillante theory and ear-training student workbook as a resource.

The Theory Gymnastics series is available in eight levels from beginner to advanced, with Brillante being the first in the series at level A, for students aged 4-7. This Teacher Guide contains a number of valuable resources such as the answer key for the student workbook and notated listening examples. Students will love the creativity and imagination that has gone into these books, with a wide variety of fun and interesting age-oriented exercises that reinforce learning in a way that will stick. The student’s progress can be evaluated thoroughly with this teacher guide that contains reproducible theory and ear-training tests as well as specially-designed puzzles, games and activities.

With Brillante, students will appreciate the fun that can be had when learning theory and ear-training, and the Teacher Guide can help you, and your student, get the most out of this valuable resource. To listen to free audio recordings of the ear-training units, head to the Kjos Music website, and to purchase the companion Student Book, just click here.

ISBN: 0978849763755
Published on: 02 October 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: KJTW201A1