Doris Da Costa/Tom Hedges: Voilà Viola Duets - 35 Duets For 2 Violas Or Violin & Viola

Books | Viola (Duet)

Publisher: Cramer Music
Format: Sheet Music | Score

Doris da Costa and Tom Hedges' Voilà Viola Duets was written for Viola and Violin players wanting to play duets with friends and teachers, or for new Viola pupils swapping from the Violin to the Viola.

Changing instruments can be challenging as the alto clef requires completely new reading skills, regardless of a player’s standard on the Violin. In this book, an alternative Violin part is included to help to familiarise a Violinist with the music and to add instrumental flexibility.

A large variety of styles and genres are included: the 16th Century Madrigal, the Baroque Concerto, dance forms, arrangements of traditional favourites, world music, jazz or swing numbers and programmatic 21st century entries.

There is much here to challenge the musical and technical demands of the Viola and Violin: string crossing,shifting (up to 3rd position) chromatic scales as well as a range of articulation and playing techniques. Time signatures are varied with duets in simple, compound and irregular meters. An assortment of key signatures and modes add further challenges.

The pieces vary in difficulty: from an easy grade 3 standard to a moderately difficult grade 5. The duets can be used for concert repertoire, for GCSE assessments, for sight-reading practice, to support technical studies or to round off a lesson.

ISBN: 9790220906855
Published on: 27 August 2014
Language: English
Catalogue No: CRA90685