Focusrite: Saffire PRO 26 - Firewire/Thunderbolt Compatible Audio Interface

Publisher: Focusrite/Novation
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.

Designed for both studio and live use, the Focusrite: Saffire PRO 26 audio interface features 18 inputs, 8 outputs and 24-bit/96kHz conversion rate. Aimed at professional users, it is Firewire and Thunderbolt compatible (using a simple adaptor) and utilises the latest A-D/D-A conversion technology and powerful Saffire Mix Control software.

With over four decades of experience in analogue audio equipment design, Focusrite is renowned for producing some of the industry's most popular preamps, channel strips and audio interfaces. At the heart of Saffire PRO 26 lies its impeccable sonic integrity, staying true to Focusrite's core value that 'Sound is Everything'.

Featuring a comprehensive selection of professional analogue and digital I/O options, Saffire PRO 26 has a total of 18 inputs and eight outputs, allowing you to expand and augment your recording or live setups to ensure you get the most out of your interface.

  • Four XLR/TRS line inputs with 48V Phantom power and two optional front panel Instrument inputs
  • Two additional rear panel TRS line inputs
  • Eight channels of ADAT digital input provide connectivity for external multi-channel preamps such as the Focusrite OctopPre MkII
  • Two channels of digital S/PDIF inputs enable connections to additional digital-equipped outboard equipment
  • Stereo 'loopback' allows two channels of audio to be routed from software applications directly into your DAW
  • Six rear panel TRS line-level outputs perfect for multi-channel playback and mixing Two channels of digital S/PDIF outputs

Weights and Dimensions

  • Weight: 2.98kg
  • Height: 108mm
  • Width: 273mm
  • Depth: 470mm

Published on: 03 August 2014
Catalogue No: MOSF0017