Big Time: The Life Of Adam Faith


Publisher: Omnibus Press
Format: Books | Biography
Written by David and Caroline Stafford, Big Time: The Life Of Adam Faith tells the story of the pop star turned actor turned manager, whose fascinating life is told with wit and insight from his humble beginnings to his tragic passing in 2003.

Terence Nelhams-Wright took on the alter ego of Adam Faith in early adolescence, before going on to become a teen pop idol and the first UK artist to reach the top 5 with his first seven hits. Known for his unique vocal style, Faith captured the hearts and the musical minds of the pop-loving public. His attractive features suited the new televisual medium and his sexual adventures became legendary. After the whirlwind success of The Beatles, however, his brand of polished pop was rendered obsolete, and his ventures expanded into other areas.

Becoming a TV actor, Adam Faith played a hapless Soho chancer, before again reinventing himself as a manager for Leo Sayer. Propelling him to international pop stardom, his tuition proved invaluable to Sayer, guiding him in matters of music, mentorship and money. This latter foray became the next in Faith's ventures, making and losing several fortunes... for himself and others. This fascinatingly in-depth biography of this unique personality is an ideal way to discover the life and times of the true British eccentric through the eyes of those who knew him, as well as in his own words.

If you are looking for an unprecedented account of The Life Of Adam Faith, this extensive and expansive biography by David and Caroline Stafford reveals all the important details behind the rise and rise of such an interesting figure and an exciting life.

ISBN: 9781783055524
Published on: 10 April 2015
No of pages: 288
Language: English
Catalogue No: OP55825

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