Peter Bruun: The Green Groves (Score)

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Composer: Peter Bruun
Author: Peter Bruun
Format: Sheet Music | Score

The Green Groves (2013) for Ensemble by Danish composer Peter Bruun.

Dedicated to Ensemble MidtVest.

Programme note:

The title of this piece stems from a song I wrote, with lyrics by the poet Ursula Andkjær Olsen, "Grønne Lunde" (Green Groves). 
The song, playing with Danish folklore tradition, deals with love, magic, and the alluring but also looming and dangerous powers of nature: A girl falls casually asleep in the forest. She dreams of a bird, that promises her fame and fortune in exchange for the life of her firstborn. As she whispers "yes", she wakes up to realize, that she has lost the life, she carried inside. 

Peter Bruun

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ISBN: 9788759828809
Published on: 01 April 2013
No of pages: 109
Length: 16
Language: English
Catalogue No: WH31896

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