Cafe Benedetto

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Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance

To those who have never attended a Benedetto Players concert you are about to experience a magical and musical evening with Jimmy Bruno, Jack Wilkins, Adrian Ingram, Andy Mackenzie, Gerry Beaudoin, Frank Vignola, and Howard Alden.

The size of the room lends itself to the ambiance that the Benedettos are seeking- an intimate setting where they can converse with friends and appreciate the talents of this select gathering of musicians. They play jazz because it is in their soul, displaying a depth of feeling and virtuosity that is unsurpassed in any genre of music.

This is a "must have" video for any aficionado of great Guitars and great jazz Guitar players. 83-minute.

Published on: 30 October 2003
Language: English
Catalogue No: MLB99147DVD

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        Cafe Benedetto