Blackstar: ID Core 40 Electric Guitar Amplifier - Super Wide Stereo Combo: 2 x 20 Watt

| Electric Guitar

Publisher: Blackstar
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.

The ID Core 40 is the ultimate entry level Guitar amplifier. The result of more than seven years’ technical research and development, this amp features unique intuitive controls that allow you, the guitarist, to custom design your own sound and deliver it at home, in the studio or in rehearsal.

These amps have a control set like a traditional amp, but offer the versatility of programmability, allowing incredible tone to be created and delivered in Super Wide Stereo to give an immersive playing experience. When used together with Blackstar’s patented ISF control you can get the exact tone you’re thinking of.

The effects section delivers studio quality modulation, delay and reverb effects simultaneously, and you are able to store these alongside your sound.

By using the unique Voice Control and the patented ISF, ID Core Series Amplifiers allow unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.

Features of the ID Core 40 Electric Guitar Amplifier include:

  • 2x20W programmable combo
  • Super Wide Stereo: for an immersive sound experience that will have you playing for hours.
  • EQ with patented ISF control: giving you the exact tone you’re looking for.
  • Voice Control: select from 6 effects - Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1 and OD 2.
  • 12 Vintage-style studio effects: 4x modulation, 4x delay and 4x reverb effects.
  • Store up to 6 of your sounds
  • Free INSIDER software
  • USB audio for pro recording capability: record from your amp directly to your computer.
  • Stereo MP3/Line In for great sounding jamming or listening to music
  • Speaker Emulated Line Out for silent practice or recording
  • Stereo speaker configuration
  • Mains powered via a separate PSU (Included)

Published on: 01 May 2014
Catalogue No: IDCORE40